It’s been awhile since I posted any phone photos… so we’re doing an Insta-Friday today.

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Strawberries… much earlier in the summer.



Riverdale farm.

Wall of jars.

View from the roof of our new building!

Apple butter.

Fall at home.

Fall at school.

Happy Friday!


Sharing my Instagram snapshots today. For more throughout the week, follow me on Instagram @Kyliem_w.

Salad… one of our new favourite dressings is this one. Perfect with mixed greens.

Sherman! He’s 7 months old now (what?!) and he is still adorable!

Mango Tea Lemonade from a local cafe… perfect for summer.

Fireworks for Canada Day.

Our city does this thing where they show movies on a huge screen outside during the summer. It’s free and lots of fun. G and I went and saw Sleepless in Seattle last night.

I hope you all have a fantastic Friday!


A few photos to share this Friday. Follow me on Instagram @kyliem_w for more throughout the week.

Cafeteria at my university… It’s hard to believe I’ll only be eating in here for one more week!

Lots of time at the library this week. Thankfully the view from the fifth floor is pretty great.

Spring tea… yum!

Blurry, but isn’t he the cutest?

Pumpkin muffins… in totally the wrong season. They were delicious, I’ll share more about the recipe in the days to come.

My parents live right beside a conservation area… as much as I love the big city, I’ve definitely missed this and I’m looking forward to a summer here!

Have a great weekend!

life rearranged


Did you see the recipe I posted on Tuesday? It’s the first one I’ve published here so I’m pretty excited about it.

Sharing some quick Instagram shots today. Happy Friday!


My beautiful dog… I’ll get to see him again in just a few weeks!

Weekly craft club… making tissue paper flowers. And having tea, of course.

Rainy night… I took this at about 8:00pm and it had just gotten dark. I am so happy that it’s brighter in the evenings!

An afternoon of tea and crime and punishment!

Late night sushi (for when you forget to have dinner because you’re writing a history paper…)

Studying classics. Exams are only 3 weeks away so it’s getting close to crunch time!

The first day of spring… more like still winter!

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life rearranged


Quite a collection of iPhone snapshots for you today. For more, follow me on Instagram @kyliem_w!


So much snow!

New stuff on the wall instead of the paper snowflakes! (Maybe this will encourage some warmer weather?)

Clothes shopping… does anyone else hate trying on clothes? I wish everything just fit and I could just pick out what I liked!

Student union building in the snow.

On my way back from Romni.

Craft club on Valentine’s Day.

Poker night with the family… we are strange!

Shooting recipes for the blog… keep reading in the next few weeks to see them!

Scrabble at home!

Happy Friday!

life rearranged


Sharing some quick iPhone shots today… lots of city-scapes, I guess you appreciate a city more when you’ve been away! For more, follow me on Instagram @kyliem_w!


A late night trip to Koreatown!


We came across this very cool light statue in Koreatown… it’s huge!


Late nights with Calculus and hot chocolate.

Chocolate makes everything better. (Even calculus)


Walking home from class.


Lovely afternoon in the park!


It’s been freezing here (around -20 with the wind chill) for about a week… at least there’s snow!


Swoosh! Waiting for the subway. (I have only recently started calling it the subway… people here look at you funny when you call it the metro… force of habit!)


Looking up.




I wasn’t kidding about the snow! Fortunately it slowed down a bit after this.


Early moon and the sunset!

life rearranged


Happy Friday. Just sharing some iPhone shots today. Have a great weekend and don’t forget to enter my giveaway!

1- Walking the dogs
2- A bit blurry but too cute not to share. Home a week from tomorrow and then I get to see this adorableness again!
3- End of fall on campus
4- Itty bitty Christmas tree!
5- Finally, some snow. Not enough to stay on the ground, though.
6- Christmas cards! I love snail mail.

life rearranged


Just some snapshots of daily life today.

1- Tea… I don’t know what I would do without it.
2- Some days, diabetes just likes to screw with you.
3- Fall fall fall fall!
4- Coloured pens= motivation?
5- Rainy day.
6. More gorgeous leaves.

Happy Friday.

life rearranged


Sharing some snapshots of daily life today. Enjoy.

1- I hate football. I really truly do. But apparently it’s a big thing here.
2- Home sweet home (for the next 8 months, anyway)
3- Late night knitting and movies (That’s my Honey Cowl. Recent favourites include Crazy Stupid Love and The Time Traveler’s Wife.)
4- Quality time with Virgil.
5- I love fall. I can’t even deal with how gorgeous the leaves are here right now.
6- Christmas needlepoint.
7- More fall prettiness.
8- I miss having a big window. And awesome neighbours.
9- I also miss my conservation area.
10- Morning run while home for the weekend. Seriously, could it be any more gorgeous?
11- Homer and bed on a rainy day.

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Happy Friday.

life rearranged

Instagram Monday #1

I have realized lately that I take a lot of pictures on my phone. Most of them, I edit using the free app Instagram, because I love the variety of filters it provides and it’s just kind of neat. I almost always have my phone with me, and even though the camera isn’t the best, it’s great for documenting things when I don’t have my DLSR. A lot of these pictures just end up sitting on my phone, though, and I never do anything with them or share them with anyone. So, every Monday, I’m going to try to post a few photos from my week… just to motivate me to get those pictures off my phone! (You can click on the photos to make them larger).

1- Early morning walk to the bus
2- Smoothies at Common Ground
3- Watching the Transit of Venus using the solar projection screen
4- Rainy day
5- Pretty flowers… the garden and plants are starting to grow really quickly!
6- Knitting on the deck on a gorgeous Sunday
7- Teaching J-P how to knit (again). He wants to make a monster.

I hope you all had a great weekend! I’ll be checking in again tomorrow with my current knitting.