Grey Days.






The weather around here has been pretty grey lately… lots of rain. I actually quite like fall weather but it does get a bit tiresome after a few weeks. At least I’ve got knitting that matches the weather! I’ve just finished the first few rows of the baby cardigan I mentioned yesterday. I’m making it for my cousin’s baby who was born at the end of September. I’m making the 3-6 month size, because I won’t be seeing her until Christmas, so hopefully it’ll fit then. The yarn is Begere de France Caline in a really pretty grey, and it’s so soft! Like I said in yesterday’s post- since the yarn is so plain, I want some nice buttons to make the cardigan really special- do you have any suggestions?
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I’m still working my way through Lord of the Flies (by William Golding) and The Beggar’s Garden (by Michael Christie). I’m enjoying both of these… hopefully I’ll be able to read a bit more of the short story collection this week. Most of my reading time right now is being eaten up by academic readings.

What have you been knitting and reading this week?

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I haven’t shared any Instagram shots here for a few weeks, so it’s about time for another Insta-Friday! I’m going to be quieter on the blog for the next week or so because it’s the end of term, so there are final papers and exams, and I only have so many hours in a day! I have, however, started drafting my year-in-review series (last year’s), which I’m pretty excited about! I think I’ll be publishing it in 3 parts beginning on December 28th.

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Last bit of fall. All of the leaves are gone now.

Sunday brunch!

First of the Christmas decorations.

Walking with some friends on Sunday morning.

Quite a bit of snow here lately!

I’ll be returning to my corner in the library now… I hope you all have a fantastic weekend!

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I think November tends to be a pretty disregarded month. I mean, it gets cold, and it rains a lot, and everything turns kind of grey. The truth is, though, that November is like autumn’s last hurrah… and winter’s beginnings. I saw a few flakes of snow last night and I know it won’t be long until there are many, many more, so I’m trying to enjoy the few leaves left on the tress while I can.

But once the snow actually starts falling, all bets are off. It’s Christmas from then until the end on December. There are a lot of twinkly lights to hang.

On a gloomy Saturday.




It’s definitely no longer early fall… I think it’s been raining every day this week. What else to do but collect up extra blankets and a good book? I also hung some string lights today in anticipation of Christmas… it seems a bit early but I don’t mind. Only 53 days.

Reading: The History Room by Eliza Graham

So far so good… it’s a mystery set in Britain but it’s mostly contemporary, with some flashback-type chapters. Good characters and the plot is just starting to really pick up.

If the weather is as gloomy where you are as it is here, I hope you’re bundled up indoors with a cup of tea and something to read… Happy November!

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Fake fall.

Apparently fake fall is over, Ontario. You know, the one where we all pretended it was fall, and picked apples, and flavoured everything with pumpkin, while enjoying the still-above-20 weather? Turns out real fall has arrived. I even heard something about… snow.

Ah well. It was nice while it lasted.

(To tell you the truth, I’ve actually been enjoying the cooler weather. You might just have to remind me of that in January.)

I decided that the real arrival of fall meant that I should sort and edit the photos from Thanksgiving weekend. Turns out most of the photos I took are of food… I’m not sure what that says about us other than my mum and I really like making food.



(The lone surviving squash from the garden… and the last harvest from this year’s garden!)



A note for knitters: There are 65 days left until Christmas. I give you permission to panic.

I hope you all had a lovely weekend- I’ll be back tomorrow with a knitting-related post!


Just some snapshots of daily life today.

1- Tea… I don’t know what I would do without it.
2- Some days, diabetes just likes to screw with you.
3- Fall fall fall fall!
4- Coloured pens= motivation?
5- Rainy day.
6. More gorgeous leaves.

Happy Friday.

life rearranged

In which I have the best family ever.

Briefly interrupting our regular knitting programming today to talk about how awesome my family is (knitting further down this post). I got a package in my mailbox Monday morning, which was a surprise considering I wasn’t expecting anything. I crossed my fingers and hoped that nothing in it was breakable, shoved it into my backpack (my mailbox isn’t in my building) and ran off to English. When I opened it later on that day, I found…

Halloween candy! Chocolate! Almonds!


A few things have been happening on the knitting front. First, I finished up the knitting part of JP’s hogwarts scarf. I still needs to be washed and blocked and I need to add the fringe. I need a big space, pins, and a crochet hook to do those, so it’ll have to wait until I’m home in a few weeks. I’ll do some good pictures then too. Until then, enjoy this dorm room mirror shot! (Rav link)

I’m also making three little hats for little miss E using leftover sock yarn. I’m almost done the first one and it is so cute! The pattern is free here. (Rav link)

Wishing you an evening filled with books and tea! (I’m currently reading Virgil’s The Aneid for my classical literature course. Interesting so far, particularly having read The Odyssey, which was Virgil’s inspiration.

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Sharing some snapshots of daily life today. Enjoy.

1- I hate football. I really truly do. But apparently it’s a big thing here.
2- Home sweet home (for the next 8 months, anyway)
3- Late night knitting and movies (That’s my Honey Cowl. Recent favourites include Crazy Stupid Love and The Time Traveler’s Wife.)
4- Quality time with Virgil.
5- I love fall. I can’t even deal with how gorgeous the leaves are here right now.
6- Christmas needlepoint.
7- More fall prettiness.
8- I miss having a big window. And awesome neighbours.
9- I also miss my conservation area.
10- Morning run while home for the weekend. Seriously, could it be any more gorgeous?
11- Homer and bed on a rainy day.

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Happy Friday.

life rearranged