Presqu’ile 2014



















We’re back from our family camping trip- tired, sunburnt, bug-bitten, but excited to be going back later in the summer! We spent 4 days at Presqu’ile Provincial Park. We got a bit of rain on Monday and Tuesday but managed to keep most of our stuff dry… most of the rain kindly waited until Tuesday evening when we were already home. Highlights this year included seeing baby snowy owls, hiking the Marsh Boardwalk trail and the Jobe’s Woods trail, and the variety of animal visits to our campsite (some interesting- a snapping turtle and a very friendly chipmunk, some troublesome- a skunk and a tenacious racoon).

I hope you all had a lovely weekend!

Artfest 2014

Artfest 2014

Artfest 2014

Artfest 2014
(Jeelee Joolery)

Artfest 2014

Artfest 2014
(Farm Girl Food)

Artfest 2014

Artfest 2014
(Purlin’ J’s Roving Yarn Co.)

Artfest 2014

On Sunday we headed downtown to the Kingston Artfest, a big art festival with loads of vendors, musicians, food, and the like. We had a wonderful time and made some great purchases, ate some amazing food, and admired all of the booths. No yarn purchases for me, though, surprisingly!
Vendor links are above for more details.

I hope you are all having a lovely week!

LPOAS Best of 2013

Happy New Year! I hope you have all had a lovely and relaxing holiday season with your families and friends and are all looking forward to 2014.

Today, like I did last year for 2012 (part 1, part 2, part 3), I’m reviewing the best moments of 2013. I’m adopting a bit of a different format this year- Liesl’s year in review post was so pretty that I wanted to do something similar. Links below the photos for more details.


In 2013, I…

Published 1 new pattern, Tempestuous.
Finished 14 projects (favourites include Kai Mei, Business Casual, Wavy Moss Stitch Hat, and Forest Floor).
Moved twice.
Visited H and G in Toronto and Peterborough.
Watched spring arrive.
Wrote a few recipes (Chocolate Chip Cookies, Pumpkin Walnut Muffins, Raspberry Limeade, and White Chocolate Cranberry Jar Cookies).
Camped at Presqu’Ile Provincial Park.
Picked apples and made apple butter.
Appreciated November.
Prepared for Christmas.

Happy 2014! Let me know in the comments what your highlights of 2013 were!












I just wanted to pop in today to share a few photos with you from a recent trip.

I spent part of this week camping with my family at Presqu’ile Provincial Park. We had planned to go to Sandbanks (like we did last year, twice) but it was easier to get a good campsite when we wanted it at Presqu’ile. The verdict? We loved it. We might even choose Presqu’ile over Sandbanks next year. It’s quieter and there are some really nice hiking trails. The beach is smaller, but much less crowded than Sandbanks.

We went to the beach a few times (I went swimming once and it was freezing… we were having the coolest temperatures we’d had in weeks!). We also did the Newcastle Trail, which was the perfect length for everyone in our group. Overall, a prefect few days.

I’ll be back tomorrow with knitting-related things! I hope you have all had an excellent weekend.

Nearly Wordless

(Nearly) Wordless Wednesday here today… I’m still catching up on sleep and homework from a great but kind of crazy weekend with G, H, I, and M.










First 5 photos taken at Future on Bloor St in Toronto. Others taken in Peterborough visiting G.

Hoping you all had a great weekend.

Camping (encore!)

We spent the weekend camping at Sandbanks again with friends and got to see the most gorgeous sunset. We had so much fun taking silhouette photos.

I move for school in a little under 2 weeks so everything is a bit crazy right now, but I’ll get a knitting post up tomorrow. (Working on a new design, but there’s one problem that I just can’t seem to solve… so frustrating!)

Hoping you all had a great weekend.

FO: Mukluks

When I was little, one of my favourite authors was Robert Munsch. If you haven’t heard of him, you should check out his website, especially if you have kids. His books are hilarious whether you’re a kid or an adult, they’re full of crazy parents and embarrassing aunts and stubborn kids, and just all-round silliness. One of my favourite Robert Munsch books is called 50 Below Zero. It’s the story of a little boy who lives up north where it gets very, very cold. His father sleep walks and he often finds him in silly places around their house, until one day, his father ventures outside, asleep. In order to go find him, the little boys dresses very warmly, bundling up in a pair of “boot-like things called mukluks”. I think I remember this story so well because I loved the way the word sounded. So, earlier this month when I saw that Tin Can Knits were looking for test knitters for a pattern for mukluks, I just had to give the pattern a try!

The pattern is here on Ravelry and will be released soon-ish.

(Rav link)

They are so cute and they are going to be a Christmas present for J this year. I can’t wait to see the finalized version of the pattern. I’m working on another test knit right now that I will share over the next few days, it’s another baby gift!

I went camping a few weeks ago at Sandbanks with my family and we had a fantastic time. If you’re in the area, I’d highly recommend it if you’re looking to do some “comfortable” camping (as in, there’re running water and showers… I certainly didn’t miss the taste of water purification tablets!). I’ve been meaning to share a few photos from that weekend and have finally managed to get them edited and uploaded!

Happy Friday!

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Another FO and NYC

I’ve finished another project for the Ravellenics, a scarf this time. The pattern is Ginger Rib Scarf and I used some Arcunia Magallenes that has been in my stash for forever. It was slowly on its way to becoming souvenir stash (if you’ve read the Yarn Harlot, you’ll understand!) and I had to use it up fast before I became too attached. I bought it during a trip to Toronto at Romni with my friend E right after we started tenth grade (eek, a surprisingly long time ago!). She bought an identical skein, and we got them from a box hidden somewhere in the basement for something like 8$. I still love the basement yarns at Romni. (Rav link)

I’ve also got some pictures from my New York trip to share. I went for the day with my Dad when we were in PA and it was great.

The most exciting part of the trip, though, was definitely visiting a certain yarn store in NYC, very well-known and they have a fantastic blog. Purl Soho, that is. There is so much great yarn in this (surprisingly small) store, and the staff were lovely. I was so neat to see some of the store samples that I have seen on their blog in person. They also have a lovely quilting and sewing section, but I didn’t browse much there. Since I’ve been thinking about trying quilting, I thought it might be even more dangerous for my wallet. The unfortunate part is that I was so enamoured with the shop and all of the yarn that I completely forgot to take pictures… oops. My Dad did take one (single, cell phone) picture of me checking out and I guess that’s better than nothing!

Yes, I bought more yarn. Even though I’m working through my stash (and doing a pretty good job, might I add), I had birthday money and I figured the trip was a special occasion. I purchased…

1 skein of Brooklyn Tweed LOFT in Homemade Jam. (Rav link)

1 skein of Spud and Chloe Fine in Sidewalk. (Rav link)

While I did buy some yarn, I did exercise a considerable amount of self-restraint around so much pretty yarn.

Thanks for reading and have a fantastic week! I’ll be linking this post up with yarn-along, KCCO, and KAL Tuesdays.

In the USA

I’m in the USA right now, and I’m having a great time. I’ll share more when I get back, but here are some photos to tide you over!

(I’m going to Philadelphia tomorrow… Philly knitters, any suggestions? Any good yarn shops?)