Peaches and Cherries.

Peaches in a pot

Ontario honey

Peach preserves

Peach preserves

Cherry jam

I’ve been doing some more preserving this week… peach preserves and cherry jam! Both turned out quite well, I think. The peach preserves are from the Food in Jars blog (sliced and preserved in honey with lemon zest) and the cherry jam is the basic fruit/sugar/pectin/lemon juice formula from the inside of the pectin packet. The cherry jam is lovely on toast and the peaches are perfect mixed into some yogurt… I imagine they’ll both taste even better in a few months when good produce is scarce!

Have you been making any jam or preserves lately? I’m on a bit of a jam making spree right now so if you have a favourite recipe or flavour, I’d love to hear about it!

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7 thoughts on “Peaches and Cherries.

  1. These both look so delicious! I should definitely try making some peach preserves before they go out of season. I also really liked the look of your pickles. It’s something I’ve been wanting to try for a long time now. My poor kitchen is just so tiny I have no place to store much, so I haven’t tried canning much before. But all your yummy looking things are inspiring me.

  2. Both look wonderful. When I was in Germany I fell for a cherry jam with Brandy in it. I’ve been wanting to try recreating it at home but cherries get eaten up too quick around here. I did make peach jam (basic recipe) and it turned out good. I’m thinking it’ll be good as a glaze on chicken or tofu in coming months. 🙂

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