I just wanted to pop in today to share a few photos with you from a recent trip.

I spent part of this week camping with my family at Presqu’ile Provincial Park. We had planned to go to Sandbanks (like we did last year, twice) but it was easier to get a good campsite when we wanted it at Presqu’ile. The verdict? We loved it. We might even choose Presqu’ile over Sandbanks next year. It’s quieter and there are some really nice hiking trails. The beach is smaller, but much less crowded than Sandbanks.

We went to the beach a few times (I went swimming once and it was freezing… we were having the coolest temperatures we’d had in weeks!). We also did the Newcastle Trail, which was the perfect length for everyone in our group. Overall, a prefect few days.

I’ll be back tomorrow with knitting-related things! I hope you have all had an excellent weekend.

4 thoughts on “Presqu’ile

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