A special scarf (NaBloPoMo Day 1)

Earlier this week, I found out that since my CDE (Child Diabetes Educator) is retiring, my appointment next week will be my last appointment with her. The only reason I’m still going to Pediatrics is because I just turned 18 in July and it takes almost a year to get into a clinic anywhere else. I did get in with an appointment for April, though, so this would have been my last appointment there anyway. In other words, this appointment is the last for both of us.

JA is a truly amazing woman. I remember the day after I was diagnosed with diabetes, they brought my parents and I in for intensive training. I was 7, terrified of needles, and I still remember JA joking about how I sat as far away from her as possible. She was the one who gave me bubbles to blow to make injections less painful. Over the years, she has become my go-to person for just about anything. She always returns e-mails and phone calls about any issue you’re having. She’s the one who will fight with you against your insurance or your pharmacy or the government. She makes sure that your prescriptions and referrals (cough, cough… Dr. H…) actually get signed and sent to where they need to go. She is always willing to try new things, find you the best of the best technology, and she is one of the most comforting people to be around. It’s not a wonder she’s in high demand and working way too hard! She deserves her retirement so very much and I wish her all of the happiness in the world. We’ll miss her, though… and I can just see COPC falling apart without her!

To thank her for everything, I’ve started a quick project that I can hopefully finish and block before my appointment on Thursday. The pattern is free here. The yarn is Berroco Vintage in Aster, which I picked up at Lettuce Knit a long time ago. (Rav Link)

I also just wanted to share these adorable pins we made at Craft Club today. They are made by stringing beads on small safety pins and threading the small safety pins onto larger ones. I could make a tutorial if there is interest… let me know in the comments! You can also do some neat jewelry with this technique.

As a personal blogging challenge, I’m writing a blog post every day for the month of November as a part of NaBloPoMo (NAtional BLOg POsting MOnth). This is day 1!


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